Kirk Covington


Kirk Covington aka CPT. Kirk. is still firing on  all cylinders!  This is after decades of being a sideman at the forefront of Contemporary Jazz and Fusion music.  He spent decades performing with legends like Joe Zawinul, Robben Ford and Allan Holdsworth.  The Texas native continued to tour the world as a member of Fusion superstars, Tribal Tech, while striking out on his own, as the “Captain.” Kirk has four solo albums to date,  The latest, “CPT. Kirk and the Devil Horns” album, is a tour-de-force of his immense talent as a singer, pianist, drummer and songwriter.   The “Devil Horns” project is 1970’s Chicago meets Weather Report, with the Pop sensibilities of a forgone era of classic compositions.  With multiple (5) TOP40 hits including “Always The Same” (#23 on HOTAC) and “Soul” (#46 on Mediabase CHR) the “Devil Horns” project has been a great success for Kirk.  “Meet Me In the Middle” (a duet with En Vouge’s Cindy Herron-Braggs), which went to #21., was followed by the funky, “All The Way” which topped at #18 on the Hot AC charts and #24 on the Billboard AC Charts.  A series of hugely succesful singles have come as of late including, “Early In The Morning”.  A  brand new look and groove on the Gap Band’s classic track which went to # 17 on the AC Radio charts and #23 on Billboard AC.  Featuring Jamaican Rapper “Daddy Rooks” , Early In The Morning is another smash hit for the “CPT.”, topping out at #17 on the AC Charts!  "I Want You To Stay" and “Seems Like The Other Day” both went into the top-20 in AC Radio and both mid-tempo R&B hits deliver a solid look at the huge pool of talent that Covington draws upon.  The new single, “Shake” might be the CPT’s strongest funky dance track yet and is released 07/2023.   “CPT. Kirk and the Devil Horns” is available now on R.M.I. Records, everywhere music is sold.